#29: “Just Hangin’ Out” (w/ Large Professor)

Zach and Steven sit down and hang out with one of the greatest producers and rappers in the history of hip-hop: the one and only Large Professor. In this episode, Large Pro discusses with Kick Knowledge the magic and importance of New York hip-hop, his influence on hip-hop production, some of his production tricks, and some of his own favorite lyrics.

#28: “My Goonie-Goons The Gooniest” (w/ Nigel Telman)

Zach and Steven are joined in this episode by Kick Knowledge intern and Rap Analysis writer Nigel Telman, and discuss Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter V, Postmodernism, and our final thoughts on Kanye.

Nigel’s band: https://soundcloud.com/soul4youth

J.I.D. joint: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzpJl-i7ZRg

#25: “Keep That Same Energy” (w/ Watching The Throne)

It’s episode 25, and Steven and Zach have been on it with Kick Knowledge for a year now! In this episode, Chris and Travis of the Watching the Throne Podcast discuss their fascination with the work of Kanye West, their infamous Twitter posts, and the future of Watching the Throne.