#30: “Trying To Find A Balance” (w/ Kyle Adams)

Zach and Steven are joined in this episode by Associate Professor of Music Theory at the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University Dr. Kyle Adams. Dr. Adams has been an enormous influence in hip-hop studies and his research on rap flow from the Music Theory Online journal has been one of the most cited articles of hip-hop research in the past decade. In the episode, he talks to the Kick Knowledge crew about how he got into researching and teaching hip-hop, what makes a good hip-hop beat, and analyzing triplet flows.

Check out Kyle’s 2009 article here: http://www.mtosmt.org/issues/mto.09.15.5/mto.09.15.5.adams.html

#29: “Just Hangin’ Out” (w/ Large Professor)

Zach and Steven sit down and hang out with one of the greatest producers and rappers in the history of hip-hop: the one and only Large Professor. In this episode, Large Pro discusses with Kick Knowledge the magic and importance of New York hip-hop, his influence on hip-hop production, some of his production tricks, and some of his own favorite lyrics.