#31: 2018 Christmas Special Part 1 (w/ Frank Stevens and Kid Anarkist)

Happy Holidays from the Kick Knowledge family! In this episode Zach and Steven sit down with Frank and Gino (Kid Anarkist) once again for their 2nd annual Christmas special, and reminisce on the events of 2018 in both hip-hop and in the Kick Knowledge Podcast. Tune in next episode for the gang’s bracket of the best hip-hop albums of 2018!

#19: “Worldwide Family All Over The Earth” (w/ Rakaa Iriscience)

While in LA, Zach and Steven got the opportunity to sit down with one of the three members of Dilated Peoples: Rakaa Iriscience. In this episode Rakaa talks with Zach and Steven on how Dilated Peoples got started, the current state of mainstream hip-hop, and how jazz has influenced his own music.

#18: “Stay Rich Within My Cipher” (w/ Shawn Setaro)

In this episode, Zach and Steven are joined by the creator and host of the critically acclaimed hip-hop podcast called The Cipher: Shawn Setaro. The Cipher is renowned for its in-depth interviews with some of the most important people in hip-hop music and culture. Throughout the episode Shawn talks about how he got into hip-hop, how the Cipher got started, and the importance of a hip-hop podcast and communicating with significant figures in the culture.