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Thursday, March 5, 2015

The 20 Wordiest Rappers - Rap Music Analysis

After the first two versions of this mini-series based on numerical looks at rappers, the next one will be on who is the wordiest rapper. I've measured these in terms of who has the longest songs (words per song,) and who uses the longest words (characters per word). I took the top 20 rappers with the longest songs and the top 20 rappers with the longest words, and combined them in the following chart. These are the 36 rappers who are in the chart:

These are the results. For each data point, the first number is average words per song; the second is characters per word. As you can see, Sir Mix-a-Lot has the longest songs, while Earl Sweatshirt has the longest words:

But who, on average, had the highest position between both categories? I went back and assigned 1 point for the 1st place position on the highest Character Per Word value, 2 for 2nd place on the same list, 3 for 3rd place, and so on. I then did the same for the Words Per Song list. After averaging those 2 numbers for each rapper together, the top 20 rappers with the lowest average position can be called the wordiest rappers. And here they are!

Seems like Immortal Technique is the wordiest rapper, which jives pretty well if I had to have guessed the wordiest rapper before I calculated this.

And, as always, the data size:

Thanks y'all!

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