Monday, November 24, 2014

The Dirty Dozen - The 12 Crassest Rappers Today

Since my articles can get pretty frickin' wordy when writing rap music analysis, I'm going to take a backseat on this one and let the pictures do the talking. They're supposed to be worth a thousand words, right?

I had a programmer interested in lexical analysis examine music lyrics websites and calculate which rappers curse the most. The words that were designated as profanities were pulled from Google's unofficial list of dirty words, an example of which can be found here. Check out below which rappers turned out to be real potty mouths:

This is the above in bar chart form:

Some more data that will help you understand the above is that Chance The Rapper is right in the middle of all rappers' percentages, at about 2.46%, and Lauryn Hill has the lowest percentage, at about .10%. This perfectly reflects her famous line from "Zealots," a 1996 Fugees song: "And even after all my logic and my theory / I add a motherfucker so you ignorant niggas hear me."

Some rappers' appearance here isn't suprising; for others, it is, or at least the lack of certain rappers. For instance, no Eminem? This could be because his most explicit material is more in imagery and depiction of crimes than in specific words. I used to think, as a child of the Internet Age, that there was nothing from the early 2000s that could shock me, but to this day I still have to skip "Kim" when it comes on rotation, as well as the end of "Curtains Down". But I'm already starting to break the promise I begun this article with! Anyway, I better quit while I'm ahead: so, just talk amongst yourselves.

Here's a word cloud of the most common curse words:

If you want to see the data for all 163 rappers that data was pulled for, head over to my public Dropbox here (no password, log-in, or sign-up required) and download the Excel file entitled "Curses Rap Stats Summarized." You can use the Ctrl + F function to search for specific names. While there, you can also find the specific numbers associated with each curse word's frequency in a file called "Most Common Curses." Plus, you can also find the above image in a much higher resolution to make it a wallpaper, and that word cloud.

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