Top Ten Dre Songs Of All Time #3

This one isn’t much of a surprise – maybe only that it’s not at the top. It bears repeating that any of the songs on this list would likely top a “Best Of” list of any other artist’s discography – but not Dre’s. The 3rd song is:

Eminem’s Real Slim Shady

Most people already know why this song is amazing, so I’ll try not to belabor the point. First, there is what I’ve elsewhere called the greatest orchestration decision of all time, by the choice of a harpsichord to play the keyboard part. The irony of an obscene rap song being accompanied by a Renaissance/Baroque era instrument should not be lost on the listener. Eminem, besides keeping the flow tight, also delivers one of the funniest songs in rap as well. No wonder parents were up in arms over Eminem’s lyrics back in the day.

So up until now, the roster of artists we have on the top 10 list is:

1. Dre himself
2. Busta
3. Game
4. Nas
5. Q-Tip
6. Jay-Z (ghost verse)
7. Obie Trice
8. 50 Cent
9. Eminem

We’re coming up another missing one in the next song…definitely a must hear as well, as well as an unexpected one.

Martin Connor is a music teacher & writer from Philadelphia, PA, with a music degree of high distinction from Duke University who is currently studying for a master’s degree at Brandeis University in Boston, MA, while focusing his research on the vocal melodies of the rap genre. He has contributed freelance articles to HipHopDX, Complex, and Pigeons and Planes, and had multiple articles from his website, go viral on BET, The Source, XXL, and MTV. He teaches rap lessons online through the music school LessonFace, and has a book, The Artistry Of Rap Music, forthcoming from the McFarland Publishing House, scheduled for release in late 2017, as a follow-up to his 2014 contribution to their anthology "Eminem & Rap, Poetry, Race." He welcomes all comments, compliments, insults, and restaurant suggestions at [email protected].

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